About Us

ConnectDingo is a software company built by marketers. We know what it takes to generate leads and convert those leads into sales.
Founded by Mike Jones and Gloria Gunn in 2014, ConnectDingo was founded quite frankly because neither Mike or Gloria could not find a software tool to do what we knew was needed to generate leads using a systematic social selling process. It was a platform built by marketers for more effective and intelligent social selling.

Leveraging the latest technology, ConnectDingo is designed to take your social selling to the next level by leveraging automation to handle the tasks that are mundane and repetitive.

Our philosophy is very simple- Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are very busy putting out fires, running all aspects of their businesses on a daily basis. They wear many hats, they are the marketers, manage the fulfillment and distribution chains, perform sales, handle administrative and operational duties, and customer support just to name a few. We believe quite simply, that you as business owners should focus your time and energy on the areas of your business that require your attention and leverage automation to handle those mundane tasks such as lead generation only getting involved when that lead is a real prospect. By allowing automation to pre-qualify and work leads for you, your time is spent when and where it is needed in your business.

From those humble beginnings in 2014 with a single app to a powerhouse highly intelligent social marketing selling platform we have grown to service subscribers all over the world in 22 different countries.

With offices in both Great Britain and the United States. Let ConnectDingo help you with your social selling. Click here to register for our webinar on our 4- step social media marketing system.