How to Book Appointments on LinkedIn

I have written a few articles about engaging, sending messages, as well as how to apply The BEEP Method to get leads using LinkedIn, among other bits of content and articles related to LinkedIn. I have had several questions from clients, subscribers, coaching students, as well as some prospects asking the question- how do I actually book appointments on LinkedIn.

It seems the connecting, engagement, reach out and follow-ups are easy enough to explain but, the question always comes up, “what now”? How do I turn people saying thank you for endorsing me, thank you for connecting, thank you for wishing me congrats, birthdays, thank you for reaching out to me, etc. into bonafide appointments?

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5 Ways To Engage On LinkedIn

I must admit- I have been on LinkedIn since 2007 and engaging on LinkedIn has never been tough for me.  Anytime I want appointments, I can get them.

I along with Mike Jones, my business partner and co-founder talk to, consult, coach, advise a lot of LinkedIn users, agency owners, social media consultants, as well as those just getting started with LinkedIn. There are those that struggle with engagement on LinkedIn, and those that get appointments and deals without really trying. In performing a quick analysis of why some are successful, and why some are not so successful- a few things are self-evident.

This article is not a how to but rather a look into ways you can engage to see results on LinkedIn. Now I want to preface this article by saying, I market our software and my sole purpose on LinkedIn is to network and engage, to add value, find people who we can use for services as well as find people who could use our software.

With that being said, this article is written from a marketing perspective and how to market on LinkedIn through engagement. The first and quickest way to engage on LinkedIn is by adding value. We do this in a number of ways:

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4 Steps To Apply The Beep Method To Any Marketing Strategy

You may be asking yourself what is the “BEEP” method, and what does it have to do with marketing, and with LinkedIn? Those are valid and good questions, and when I work with clients and subscribers who are actually already rocking marketing on LinkedIn, they always tell me that they do what the BEEP prescribes … Read more

The LinkedIn Lazy Button And Why Its Pretend Engagement

You all have seen it- The three choices someone can automatically send to you once they have seen your message. They can select “Thanks”, “Not Sure”, or the thumbs up image. Now let me be the first to say I get where LinkedIn is going with this, but am I the only one that thinks … Read more